Shipment Inquiries

1. Does the price include customs duty?

The price does not include the customer's tariff. You may be subject to customs duties and taxes (tariffs: additional fees charged by the state to protect the economic balance of its own people). Buyers are responsible for customs duties.

2. Is there a remote surcharge?

No, but if you are in a remote area, you will need to pay remote freight to DHL, Fedex, DPEX and other express delivery channels.

3. How long will the parcel be arrived?

The delivery time will vary according to different countries and will be affected by weather and big holidays. Estimated Time: Australia (9-25 days), Brazil (30-60 days), Russia (10--25 days), France (12-25 days), Korea (3-9 days), Netherlands (13-25 days), United Stated (9-25 days), Turkey (25-35 days), Spain (7-25 days), India (7-20 days), United Kingdom (15-30 days). Please check the following picture for your reference: